Written by: KellyV

Everyone hopes, or even assumes, in life that when the day comes that you sell your home, it is either because you are moving onto to a bigger house, retiring to that beachfront property you have always dreamed of, or you are selling up so that you can live a carefree life exploring the places we all want to go.

Unfortunately, life throws us challenges constantly, some are quick fixable problems, and some make us feel like we are in a hole we will never escape from. One of the biggest problems people can face is needing to sell their home, but for none of the reasons above, but rather for the reasons below.

In today’s economic climate, the security of having a job until the time comes to retire has gone, more and more people each day are losing their jobs and having the struggle of finding a new one as fast as possible.

However, you can no longer jump from one job to another, and when you lose your income, the first thing that happens is you cannot keep up with your mortgage anymore; what was once a priority, is now out the window and far down the list of things to pay.

Another frequent cause is you will never be able to save enough money for a deposit on the house that you want but rather you can pay the deposit on a property that will look great once it is refurbished. So it’s not your first choice, but it is cheaper to buy a house and do it up instead of buying a new home anyway, right?

Well, yes… in theory. In reality, people tend to go over their budget for renovations by literally tens of thousands of dollars, the odd extra expense here and there soon becomes too much, and the only thing you can do is sell fast or sink into a debt that you cannot recover from, and lose your house anyway.

Or even perhaps you have lived in a house your whole life, and a home that was once your safe haven that you were proud to call your home, has fallen into disrepair. Over the years you have replaced the gutters, changed the carpets, put in an economic water heater, upgraded the electric wiring, repainted the walls, but you can’t keep up with it. There’s a crack or two in the ceiling, the windows need replacing, and you are sure you have mold in the bedrooms, but you cannot keep up with the maintenance, your house needs what you can’t provide and you need to leave.

These are all common situations that thousands of people face each day, but we are here to provide the help that you need. We are the light to any type of situation, and the shoulder to lean on. We buy your home from you, regardless of the reason you are selling, and with no fees or commissions, we give you a fair and extremely valuable service. We take all the hard work away from you and help you become stressfree as fast as possible.

So whatever your situation or property, start by contacting us at 843-501-0519, email us at info@titanhomebuyers or submit a contact form, with no obligation, so we can start the process immediately, and help us, help you!