Written by: Mellisa03

A house that has been used over the years is likely to have some issues with fixtures, peeling paint, old fixtures and maybe dry rot. Most home sellers are usually in a dilemma whether to fix the home before selling it as it is. There is no obvious answer to this question. It all depends on the market, the kind of repairs required and the expected return on investments. In this article, you get to know when it is worth repairing your house or when you can sell as it is.

When to Sell the House As Is

When the House Requires Lots of Repairs

If your property needs a lot of work to get it back into shape, it may not be worth the effort. For example, a house with leaking faucets, dry rot, fixtures not working, problems with the plumbing and peeling paint may cost thousands of dollars to fix. Changing a few items may not add any value. In such a case, it is best that you lower the price enough to get some offers and just sell the house as it is. Your buyers are most likely flippers and contractors.

Updating Appliances

Customers have different tastes and preferences. Therefore, you are not guaranteed that they will see value in your updating of the kitchen and living room appliances. Just give your appliance a good clean up and maybe paint what needs to be painted but do not overhaul all your appliances for new ones.

Overdoing Your Cosmetics

It may be beneficial to give the exterior a new coat of paint, change a few broken fixtures or patch up holes on the wall. However, do not spend cash on giving your home an extreme makeover like painting all rooms, redoing all the floors and getting some fancy lights. Customers will not put a price on the makeover and might change most of the features anyway.

When It Is Worth It

Structural Fixes

If your home has significant structural or appliance issues such as a leaking roof, broken central air conditioning or problems with the door, consider fixing them before selling your property. Many potential clients are likely to be turned off by the prospect of repairing serious issues as they may cost a lot of cash. In addition, houses with major problems only attract contractors and flippers who want to renovate the house and sell it at a profit. These groups are less likely to buy the home at a good price.

Minor But Glaring Issues

When your potential clients come for house viewing, they would be looking for any issues they can find to either walk away or bargain for a lower price. If there are glaring issues, they are likely to be seen when your prospects step in. Things like cracked floor tile, broken window panes, chipping pains, mold infestations or scratched wooden floors will be a sell-out. Have them fixed before you stage your first open house.

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