Written by: KellyV

When the time comes to let go of your home it can be difficult to know what the best path to take is; perhaps you know people who have been in the same situation as you and they have ended up with a mountain of stress or problems during the process, which you certainly want to do your best to avoid. So, before you make any final decisions about what to do with your home, let’s consider the following options;

1) Renting Your Home Out

Some people prefer to rent out their home rather than let go of it completely, it is usually because they like the idea of a steady income or they are just not ready to fully move on from what is, perhaps, their family home. While on the face of there, there are many advantages to renting out your home, there are also some negative points to think about.

1) If the home has been well lived in, you will often have to spend a large amount of money renovating the home in order to bring it up to the market rental value, if parts of your home need repairing or changing but you cannot afford to do them, you might find it difficult to find tenants, or get the monthly price you were hoping for.

2) Being a landlord is not an easy job, unfortunately, you cannot just wait for each month to pass by so you can collect the monthly check. Being a landlord means fixing any problems that occur that are not the responsibility of the tenant, it means paying fees to let agents, and worst of all, if you have the misfortune of bad tenants, it means picking up the bill after they have left. On the whole, you will probably have a good experience, but having so much financial responsibility is a big risk.

2) Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Agent

The next choice you have is selling your property. Now, when people think of selling their home, they immediately head to the closet real estate agent to start the process. It does seem like the best option, you pay someone else a percentage of the sale, and in return, they will do all the work for you, but like with renting, there are some downsides.

1) As with renting, you will need to try and get your home in the best condition possible, that could mean a large bill for renovations so you can sell your home for the best price.

2) There is no guarantee how long the process could take, there are so many other factors involved that you could sell your home in a week, or maybe there will be viewing after viewing and still no luck after months and months. You could be waiting around for a long time for that sale, especially if the real estate agent isn’t putting in their share of hard work to get things moving.

3) Fees and commissions are staggeringly high when selling your home, you will definitely end up feeling resentment for how much you are paying out when you do sell your home, but you justify it by telling yourself that it’s just how it is, everyone has to pay.

3) Titan Home Buyers

Titan Home Buyers is the perfect solution to all of the above problems, and we mean literally all of the above problems. If you are ready to let go of your home, it’s so simple, make a no-obligation appointment and consider selling your home to Titan Home Buyers. The advantages of their service are;

1) No need to spend money repairing your home, Titan Home Buyers will buy your house in any condition.

2) No after-sales commissions or fees are charged, together you will agree on a price, and you will receive that amount in full.

3) Once an agreement is in place, the sale is immediate, there is no waiting around for months or years for the right buyer to come along.

We know it is a stressful and draining experience to rent out or sell your home, even just deciding to let go is not always easy, but Titan Home Buyers do everything possible to ensure a smooth and hassle-free sale, leaving both parties happy. Head to their website to set up an appointment and see how easy Titan Home Buyers can make it for you.

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